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Melissa Schoenberg

Sharon Estrada has a dynamic enthusiasm and passion for authentic Montessori education.  She nurtures each child’s character to develop self-discipline and a love of learning that will serve our son well as he moves on to his public-school education.

Sharon is that rare teacher who can set the bar for each individual student to ensure they live up to the best of their abilities, but not so high that they encounter frustrating road blocks.   Sharon recognized when our son was choosing work that was too easy and she found fun ways to keep him challenged and excited at school as well as provided us with information on how we can extend Montessori methods into our home.  Sharon has helped shape how we raise our kids and for that, we’re grateful.

If you have an opportunity to enroll your child(ren) with Sharon, I highly recommend her.  I cannot think of a better gift you could give your family.

- Melissa S, Chaska MN

Willow Bieir

"Working with Sharon completely altered my perception of early childhood education. Her work with the children perfectly puts into action what Maria Montessori envisioned for the children of this world.


Her dedication, patience, and clarity is inspiring and I have carried her wisdom with me throughout my life working with children and adults alike."



Jennifer Vogland

I had the privilege of working with Sharon Estrada for two years in a primary Montessori classroom.  Sharon runs her classroom in a very calm and respectful manner, an environment in which all participants feel valued. 


She is consistent and gentle with the students, always treating them with respect. She encourages students to do their best, challenge themselves, and help one another. 


She values communication with parents of her students and is always willing to hear any concerns. As a staff member working under her direction, I learned much about the Montessori methods and always felt like an integral part of the classroom environment.  

Jennifer Vogland

Genya W.

My daughter Kirina had Sharon as her teacher from the time she was three years old in preschool until she was six years old in kindergarten.  Kirina still talks about Sharon and about how much she enjoyed having her as her teacher.  We were so very fortunate to have
Sharon as Kirina's teacher.  Sharon did an amazing job of encouraging Kirina to do her best and keeping her challenged.  Sharon instilled in Kirina a joy of writing.  I treasure all of the stories Kirina wrote for us in preschool and kindergarten.  Kirina still writes in the journal Sharon gave her when she graduated kindergarten.  Sharon taught Kirina all of her cursive letters and Kirina could easily write
words in both cursive and print.

Kirina has always loved math and Sharon did a wonderful job of teaching her math concepts that allowed her to test two grade levels higher than the average first grader.  Kirina is currently in fourth
grade and is testing at a sixth grade level for both math and reading.  Sharon is the reason Kirina was given such an incredible head start in her learning.  Kirina came home each day excited about what she learned during the day and always ready to learn more.  


It is a true gift to not only be able to get children to reach their full potential but to instill in them a love of learning that will last them their whole lives through.


We are forever grateful that we had Sharon as Kirina's teacher and I don't doubt that you will be too.




Ashley Johnson

It was a pleasure of mine to work with Ms. Sharon Estrada. I worked with Sharon for over a year and a half. At the time, she was in the role of Lead Guide and I was her assistant. After some time observing Sharon, it was obvious from her interactions with the children that she has a natural ability to connect, she has a never-ending amount of patience and respect for the children, and she embodies a kind of graciousness that a new-comer like myself could only hope to someday imitate.


She has an overwhelmingly calming and peaceful presence, and it was obvious to the children in her care, as well as her co-workers, and families that she interacted with.


Ms. Sharon Estrada is the sole reason that I am a Montessorian today. She has inspired me to continue my education in early childhood and has shown me how the Montessori method, when done properly, can change a child’s educational trajectory.


Sharon has proven herself a dedicated educator time and time again, and I feel very grateful to have learned, and to continue learning from her.

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